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  • Interactive Learning Experiences

    "What is tested electronically should be taught electronically" is the hypothesis behind our I-L-X products. Read about what drives this unique form of "online education" in our I-L-X blog.

    Manage using the latest attention tools

    With a wide range of experience in business, education and government, our team helps you focus your attention on the key areas to make education and training more effective and change enhancing.

    Better training methods

    Need new ways to train people? Our creative and cutting edge programs cut through the everyday to make a real impact. Whether it’s a WarGame, using our actio system, or employing the latest technology to make real impact, our team has the know-how to take your people to the next level.

John Beck
Visionary and provocateur producing bottom-line results

Mitchell Wade
Intellectual amplifier, turning research into accessible ideas and strategic impact

Adam Carstens
Creative thinker with an eye for the future

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“North Star develops practical ideas that inspire passion and improve performance. Working with us, companies have connected with the people who matter: customers, employees, even investors and analysts.”
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