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Changing Education

The Education Curve ... and the Itinerant Professor

Courses that try to be all things to all people are bound to please no one. The solution: teach online all knowledge that is currently tested online, then make classrooms much more human.

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Why I'm a Teacher

In this 2012 article, John Beck ruminates on the reasons why teaching turned into a "holy calling" for him.

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Top 5 Breakthroughs in Business Education

Our nominations for the top breakthroughs in business education in the last three decades.

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Making Education Ambiguous

How educational institutions might be able to help students be more prepared for the real world of business.

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Passion in Teaching

Passion is key to great teaching--but it was so hard to judge "passion" in the global contest that John originated.

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Can MBAs care about more than money?

What if you are in business and don't care that much about Growth? Can you still be happy?

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Can you put faith in your students?

If you put your faith in your students' abilities to deliver results--even when the task is very, very hard--will your faith be rewarded?

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