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Think of Gamers as antisocial, withdrawn slackers? Think again. Our research found otherwise. When you realize that people in their 20’s and early 30’s have never known a time without video games, you realize that the Gamer mentality is out there, and it’s a big part of the people who make up your business.

Some interesting facts:
– 80% of managers under 35 have significant video game experience.

– It’s not just a man’s world – nearly half of Gamers are women.

To a greater extent than non-gamers, Gamers...
– like to win and on average, they believe that winning is everything.
– are more confident about their abilities.
– care more about their organizations.
– prefer to be paid according to their actual performance, rather than a title or a set salary.
– say they have a greater need for human relationships.
– believe connecting with the right people gets things done more quickly.
– prefer decision making after getting input from employees.

Through this research, we found several ways in which Gamers will be:
– better workers
– better team players
– better at risk management
– better as leaders

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