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Need new ways to train people? Our creative and cutting edge programs cut through the everyday to make a real impact. Whether it’s a WarGame, using our actio system, or employing the latest technology to make real impact, our team has the know-how to take your people to the next level.

Evaluating Effectiveness in Education

Getting Everyone In Gear

People face obstacles in business every day—and have many potential solutions at their disposal. You can bring in consultants to crunch numbers and recommend a plan of attack. Or you can hire therapists to take everyone to an "off-site" to explore everyone’s feelings. Or you can roll out an entirely new management structure, hoping it will reinvigorate everyone. These approaches may solve some problems—but just as often create many new ones.

Even though everyone knows the root of the problem could be human relations, strategic misdirection organizational design, or a combination of all three, most consultants only specialize in one of these dimensions. What you need is a more holistic approach. That’s where Actio , North Star’s unique Performance Analysis program comes in. Actio transcends traditional one-dimensional approaches to improving performance.

We start by focusing on three unique areas for assessment: your social matrix —everyone involved on a project and how you work together; the strategic direction —what you've been asked to do and how you plan to get it done; and finally, the structure —the nuts and bolts of the incentives and reporting relationships that can make or break any team.

We do all of this in actibus (in action)—often while people are in their native work habitat, so they don’t have to interrupt what they’re doing to fix what’s wrong. Our methods run from interactive (with frank discussions with the teams about the nature of work and themselves) to indirect (observations via video, communication pattern analysis) to understand how work is getting done—or isn’t.

Actio helps you get to the root causes of dysfunction so you can create targeted, direct solutions to your problems.

Performance Analysis Menu

Step 1 Performance Analysis

We’ll conduct a “Performance Inventory” through a customized mix of:

  • "360 degree" interviews
  • Shadowing
  • Behavioral Mapping
  • Non-Invasive Methods
  • "Unfocused" Groups
  • Surveys & instruments

We’ll employ some or all of the following tools:

  • AttentionScape
  • Actio Idea Track
  • Personal Interaction Profile
  • Preferred learning styles
  • Temperament
  • Trust level
  • Intra & intergroup conditions

We’ll measure communication patterns for:

  • Energy & flow
  • Esteem, respect & trust
  • Responsibility & influence
  • Attention
  • Decision points & quality
  • Consensus & cohesiveness

We’ll evaluate your strategic goals for:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Short and long term objectives
  • Plan feasibility
  • Competitive position
  • Financial viability
  • Policies and procedures

We’ll also discover how you and your plans intersect with:

  • Management structure
  • Commitment to team & organization
  • Quality of supervision
  • Leader-member interactions
  • Incentives
  • Reporting Relationships

Step 2 Solution Development

We'll articulate our view of the situation through use of the following techniques:

  • Data Review
  • Triangulation
  • Brainstorming
  • Focus Groups

We’ll communicate our assessment to key stakeholders and recommend a solution.

Step 3 Prototyping

We’ll create a model for how a high-functioning team would look, and help the team or individual get a better sense of how behaviors, strategies and structures might change to make things work better. We’ll call out the weakpoints we see in people or teams, and emphasize how they might work better.

We’ll do this through a customized mix of methods:

  • Video behavior modeling
  • Animated representations
  • Role-plays
  • Scenarios
  • Wargaming

Step 4 Refinement

After the team has had a chance to work from the prototype and assess how performance has improved, we’ll come back and help them make more refined improvements in the system, through:

  • Performance measurement
  • Follow up interviews
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • "Unfocused" Groups
  • Cohesiveness assessment