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John Beck

A summa cum laude undergrad and the first person to complete Harvard's integrative Ph.D. in business, John has lived and worked around the world, consulting to business and government leaders on six continents. At Accenture and Monitor Group, he created attention-getting, profit-building perspectives for some of the most successful companies in the world. He defined the challenge of attention management, coined the term "phone wallet," created new educational and training systems, and envisioned a world where we could all make decisions from a place of Good. Teaching at more than a dozen universities around the world, John has developed courses on national strategies, leadership, media, multinational management, ecommerce, corporate policy, group psychology, organizational behavior, consulting and emerging economies. His book, Good vs Good, was named Indy book of the year in 2013. Most recently, he and the NSLG team have been building Interactive Learning eXperiences, described by Bloomberg, FT, and HuffPost as the future of education. Read all about them under the ILX tab!