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Interactive Learning Experiences

"What is tested electronically should be taught electronically" is the hypothesis behind our I-L-X products. Read about what drives this unique form of "online education" in our I-L-X blog.

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Evaluating Effectiveness in Education

How do you know you're getting your money's worth from education? Are you and your people really learning anything that is useful? North Star introduces a new, simple system for understanding and tracking the results of business education. Work with us to make your people better by making training more effective.

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Manage using the latest attention tools

With a wide range of experience in business, education and government, our team helps you focus your attention on the key areas to make education and training more effective and change enhancing.

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Better training methods

Need new ways to train people? Our creative and cutting edge programs cut through the everyday to make a real impact. Whether it’s a WarGame, using our actio system, or employing the latest technology to make real impact, our team has the know-how to take your people to the next level.

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See the future with surveys

Having trouble reading the signposts? We can help you chart a better direction with our global survey cabilities. Our consultants will provide you with a better understanding of markets and opinions to help you meet customer needs.

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