Dave relies on Belief

July 09, 2011 3 min read 0 Comments

“I suppose all of my priorities in life are actually based on my belief in God. I make my decisions based on what my religion teaches me. WWJD – “what would Jesus do?” – is my guiding principle in life. It is the basis of everything.”

“Sure, I was in the business world for 30 years and you can get sidetracked a lot during your career. I was a salesman, and a darn good one. In my line of work, it is easy to get drawn into some pretty unethical behavior. Most of my colleagues have done something stupid at one point or another. I can’t say I was completely immune to it during my whole career. But I will say that I tried to be as ethical as I possibly could.”

“I pride myself on doing the right things and the things that God would want me to do. I’ve tried to raise my kids that way. And my relationship with my wife has been made so much better because of the teachings I believe in.”

Dave is 62 years old and has been able to take an early retirement. He’s working with his oldest son on some business deals now. But mostly he can take it easy and just do the occasional consulting to bring in a little extra cash. His home and life appear relaxed and comfortable, but without a lot of showy extras. Pictures of his family adorn the walls of his living room, but the most prominent spaces are devoted to pictures of Christ.

“I was drafted into the Vietnam War. I think that is when I found Christ. I was afraid, and needed something to rely on. Most of my friends at the time were very anti-war, so I couldn’t even talk to them. My parents didn’t need to hear my fears, it just made them scared and unhappy. I needed someone to talk to, someone to confide in; someone who I could trust with my inner-most feelings. Turned out that that was God. I prayed all the time. When some of my platoon-mates would see my lips moving, I know that they thought I was talking to myself, but I was just praying to get through the maneuver or through the exercise or through the day.” 

“So when I have a major decision to make, I pray first. I try not to have anything else in mind. I just pray. My only real priority is what God wants me to do.” 

“I know some people believe that I just use God as my excuse for doing what I want to do anyway. But I really try to listen when I’m praying and sometimes I make decisions and give advice that I wouldn’t normally. For instance, a friend came to me to ask about his young teenage daughter who was pregnant. Now, I believe that abortion is an awful sin. I would never tell anyone it is right. But before I talked to my friend about the situation with his daughter, I prayed really hard. I got an answer that I didn’t like. I prayed some more. Still I had the same feeling. So I prayed some more. It never changed. So I finally told my friend that maybe in his daughter’s case an abortion was the right thing. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. But I advised him and his wife and daughter to pray long and hard about it because it is their issue – not mine – and maybe my divine communication wires were crossed.” 

“My friend didn’t talk to me for months. Finally, he told me that his daughter was going to have the baby. And a few weeks later, there was a blessed event. It seemed I had been wrong and everything was going to be fine. Baby and mother seemed happy and well. But then a terrible tragedy. Before the baby turned a year old, her very depressed young mother took the life of the baby and her own life.”

“I didn’t hear anything from my friend for almost a year. Then one night, he rings my doorbell. He tells me that I had it right all along and that he and his wife should have listened to their daughter and to their own prayers more. He told me that he really got the same answer that I had given him, but he couldn’t believe it.” 

“If you put God first – before other people, before doctrine, and even before laws – I believe you’ll always be blessed. And you’ll make the right decisions.”