Good vs Good Amazon review: a great neoclassic!

May 03, 2013 1 min read 0 Comments

Good vs Good is another of those intellectually radical works from John C Beck, who is not new to surprising us with the quality of his writing.
This book stands out as having an apparently simple approach to the need of alignment and prioritization of those “goods” that would shape a more equitable world, but the core message – I could read through the lines – is a fundamental hope of the author of a future that can build on universal foundations, rather than on excuses to be divisive. Filled with examples that accompany the reader through the discovery, the book is actually a radical disruptive model, dipped into a profound philosophical reflection of the author. It is an excellent read for an excellent journey. Good vs Good starts from the reader and finishes with a new “world order” that one cannot but inevitably follow, after that ….