January 16, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

When most of us think of video-games, we think of powerful lifelike graphics and expensive sound engineering. But Interactive Learning eXperiences do not require these. To learn, you really don’t need them – in fact to get education to those who need it most, these elements of video gaming have to be left out – they require expensive machines and serious bandwidth. And the audio and visual complexity can be a drain on mental processes—taking attention from the learning objectives.



What is required for learning is novelty. Our brains are designed to pay attention to the new and the different—the kinetic. Take students to a place they’ve never been before and tell them something new – they are likely to remember it powerfully.  But continue to teach them in that place, in that same way, and there are diminishing returns.



Interactive Learning eXperiences have constantly changing artwork in different styles by design.  Each “episode” has a different look and feel. Giving a new “place” to each learning can aid in memory. And by challenging the brains of students to deal with this constant change, you get stronger synapses that result in more adaptive, readily accessible behavioral cues.