January 13, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Think about the teachers who had the biggest influence on you.  I’d bet almost anything that those teachers really cared about you – and somehow, they communicated that to you. 


Interactive Learning eXperiences will never be able to capture that exact human warmth, but with a core emphasis on writing and storyline (two elements completely missing from most online education), we hope to get close. 


Have you ever finished a novel or a great TV series and in the following days felt an odd hollowness in your life. It is almost like your “friends” from that narrative have died or moved away.  A technology like I-L-X allows character development and plot in a way that most education cannot (or at least does not).


And we can go a step beyond fiction even, because many of these characters interact with you. They have your best interests at heart; they want you to succeed; and they help whenever they can.  Their personality peculiarities become endearing; their oddities turn out to be assets in your learning journey.


When you have a great teacher, you likely miss them when the course is over. I-L-Xs will never match the personal bond you form with a great prof. But we believe most students will end up remembering fondly at least one I-L-X “instructor.”  And that is one more than the average university student reports in the average face-to-face course.


image: flickr/leo