January 06, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Employers have many issues with the education system that produces their new employees.  But one common theme is that the system is completely divorced from reality.  Secondary and tertiary school assessment systems—in an effort to be “fair”—have become unwieldy and, in many cases, useless.

After high school or university graduation, most of us will never sit for another exam or write another “paper” in our lives, but we will be evaluated constantly by our employers and co-workers.  This is NOT what happens in our classrooms where hours of knowledge “broadcast” are punctuated by a comparatively few minutes of testing.

In Interactive Learning eXperiences, on the other hand, student evaluation is everywhere.  Have an innocent-looking conversation with a colleague and see your points go up or down and get an admonition with real counsel in the next screen. Perform a simple task and receive guidance that your choices did not fit with what you’ve been learning in the rest of the “game.”

This is the kind of advice you would get from a great mentor in a hands-on apprenticeship.  I-L-Xs are designed to impart new knowledge that students have to apply over and over again until the implications of that new way of thinking in the real world becomes ingrained.

Does that sound like school to you? It should.