NSLG consultants have published numerous books on the future of business—everything from moral philosophy, to the effect of video games on management, to one of the scarcest resources available today—attention.


According to a very kind review: "'Maslow's Hierarchy for the Social World' would be a more apt title for this book. Its a new and refreshing view that reflects classic tensions and conflicts of today's socially driven globally connected world... The book offers real hope for the future: by using the 8 Goods framework, we just might be able to transcend the polarizing boundary lines that prevent us from working together, understanding each other, and recognizing that we have more in common than we think. Big Idea!!"


This was the first paperback series ever published by Harvard Business School Press. This version comes with a special emphasis on the issues parents face regarding video games and kids.


There's a new generation of workers rising in business. What do they have in common? Many of them grew up playing video games. As a result, they have a new perspective on the marketplace and management. Learn all about this Gamer Generation™ in this book from Harvard Business School Press.


Attention is the most scarce resource in business today, says The Attention Economy. This book details how attention is getting squeezed on all sides, and how organizations and managers can respond effectively. Called one of the best business books of 2001 by Amazon.com.


Japan is now emerging from its economic cocoon, and has newfound confidence. But Japan’s latest renewal is no accident—the country has been accomplishing this same basic “miracle” for its entire known history. Our book will help you understand why Japan is so agile at the renewal game, and show you how to internalize the lessons of renewal from one of the oldest warrior codes on earth.


This book examines how this company, after only two years, grew a customer base as big as AOL’s in one of the most technologically demanding markets in the world, Japan. DoCoMo's team revolutionized venerable Nippon Telephone and Telegraph from within, making cell phones an indispensible part of daily life.