How do you know you're getting your money's worth from education? Are you and your people really learning anything that is useful? NSLG introduces a new, simple system for understanding and tracking the results of business education. Work with us to make your people better by making training more effective.



What if there was a really great, simple system for understanding how effective business education really is?

Education really comes down to the teacher. Even if all the trappings are awful-crap setting, bilious food and uncomfortable facilities—a good teacher will still probably get you to learn something.

If satisfaction is what you’re measuring, the shoddy appurtenances may make a course or seminar appear poor. But if learning is the grail you’re after... if that is the real goal of the education... then a great teacher is probably all you need.

Sadly, most businesseducation is measured by satisfaction. Give the learners a sliding scale of 1 to 5 and ask them if they like it or not. It makes for a very easy rating game. And it is not without merit, I’ve learned the hard way that "strongly dissatisfied" students do not good learners make. Everyone closes down when they get pushed too far from their comfort zone.

The problem is that no one has really figured out how to measure learning. Sure you can give an exam. But those of us who are good at standardized exams learned from a young age how to cram information onto our cerebralslates and then completely wipe them clean as soon as the exam wasout of the way.

And, besides, a lot of what you really want executives to learn is hard to distill into a question; because it is more than knowledge. You really want your managers to do their jobs better, to interact with people better, to make better decisions and have better follow-through. That is the whole point of business education.

But the way "measurement" is done today, it is hard to know if anyone who sits through a program got any of that. A top notch business educator friend of mine once told me, the key to executive education success is: make them laugh, make them cry, let them talk a lot, and give them about three interesting things a day that they’ve never heard before.

But in 130 years of business education, we haven’t figured out a good way to measure managerial improvement based on the education that we all agree is so important.

NSLG Leadership Group is planning to change all that. If you as a trainer, a company, a school, or a student wantto hear more about our innovative system for measuring effectiveness of teaching and teachers, please drop us a line at info@nslg.net.

We’d love to work with you to improve the way that education is done